This product is also ideal as a gift and collection.
We can make Kanji Hanko with your own name and kanji design.


Kanji Hanko

With your name and any text (max 24 characters)around Hanko edge like follow.

What is Kanji

Kanji is a character used in China, South Korea, Taiwan, Hong Kong and Japan. 1 word has different meaning and pronunciation but even 1 word can express the feeling to other people too. Kanji originally came from China about 3,000 to 4,000 years ago and developed in each country. In Japan, Kanji came to Japan about 2,000 years ago and matured in Japan in different letter.
If you have visited in Japan, you may see many Kanji around everywhere in Japan.

We had prepared special Kanji for you to be selected.

You can select KANJI first then we will put your name on HANKO seal.

1 Word for Circle type of HANKO

2 Words for Square type of HANKO



1. Select the material of HANKO

Just simple 3 steps for your original HANKO.

Sometimes this Tsuge is called AKANE imported from South East Asia. The strength is OKed for daily usage. The fine grain of wood, smooth touch and hue have a different specialty than other 2 materials.
Black Horn
Black horn material is made from buffalo horn having beautiful shining black color and good durability. Japanese people believe that owning Black Horn Seal is a one of status and makes an owner luckiness.
White Horn
White hon material is also made from buffalo horn. Harder next to ivory material and unlikely crack, durability and smooth touch. The color design depends on the horn part and even same durability, the rank of white horn is different based on the color mixed quantity.

2. Select the design of HANKO

Our price is including HANKO case and Ink pad

3. Inform us your name and selected Kanji

On the surface of HANKO, we can engrave 24 number of characters for circle and square types.
Please inform us your name or the letter you want us to engrave within 24 characters.
Also please let us know the Kanji you have selected with item number.


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Order confirmation

We will send you the order confirmation e-mail to you with your order details and also estimation including the shipping fee from us to you. If the confirmation was OKed, please proceed the payment by Paypal. We will start the production after confirming your payment soon.

If the confirmation was wrong you had selected Kanji, Hanko type and your name, please reply to us with correct information. We will check again and will send e-mail with re-confirmation. Then please proceed the payment to us by Paypal.

Payment method We accept the payment by Paypal. The total amount to be paid is the following.
1. HANKO fee
2. Shipping fee by EMS
3. Paypal charge (5%)

Shipping method After confirming your payment by us, we will start the production of your own HANKO for you within 3-4 working days. Then we will ship by EMS or UPS to you.
Maintenance The material of HANKO is natural material and they are delicate for dry.
Please keep Hanko case in dark place avoid it from sunshine or lighting for long hours. Hanko may cause cracks easily by drying with air-condition. Please maintain with olive oil carefully.


6.Order detail
select of Hanko design
select of Hanko material
select Kanji
name for Hanko (24 character only)
7.Inquiry details


6.Order detail
select of Hanko design
select of Hanko material
name for Hanko (24 character only)
7.Inquiry details
8.Upload images

Acceptable file form : gif, jpg, png, bmp
Maximum file size : less than 3Mb (with 3 images)

We will reply to you after confirming your order soon.